Top Holiday Gifts for Curious Yogis

Top Holiday Gifts for Curious Yogis


Searching for the Perfect Gift for your Favorite Yogi? Look no further, we've polled our friends and ambassadors and have come up with our Top Holiday Gifts for Curious Yogis. We recommend purchasing early for a stress-less Holiday Season.

1) Plank Yoga Mats – a no brainer! Pick up one of our patented Connect Yoga Mats® for your favorite Yogi. We promise it will help them to discover deeper connections in their yoga practice, both on and off the mat. Not to mention they are pretty awesome to look at and make a great conversation piece. Snag one now for 20% OFF through 11/30. See below for details.

2) Yoga Therapy Balls – Jill Miller's Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball System provides targeted self-massage trigger point therapy for tight Yogis by using specially designed high grip rubber balls. We at Plank LOVE these and integrate them into our weekly yoga practice. A deep roll before class will open and melt the fascia around hands and feet, allowing for a deeper body to mat connection and more solid foundations. After reading Why Fascia Matters To Athletes you’ll understand why Yoga Therapy Balls are a must-have for any serious Yogi or athlete.

3) Class Passes or Gift Certificates to your Yogis' Favorite Studio – We know that taking a lot of Yoga Classes can certainly add up, so giving your favorite Yogi a Class Card or Gift Certificate to their favorite studio is always super appreciated, plus it's great to support our local small businesses and studios. You could also purchase a membership to YogaGlo (or any online yoga site) for yogis with limited access to a studio or those who are short on time.


4) Yoga Mat Bags – We pride ourselves as one of the front running brands to create simple and well-crafted yoga mat bags without the noise of typical yoga imagery (note: if you’re looking for Om signs and lotus leaf imagery, you’ve come to the wrong page). Besides Plank’s Totes and Messenger Bags, here are some of our favorite simply styling yoga mat bags that also make great Holiday Gifts:

· Zobha Essential Mat Carrier for $56 
· Manduka’s Go Ready Yoga Tote for $90 
· Urbanha Leather Yoga Mat Strap for $35

5) China Gel – For the always achy Yogi, this natural, unique herbal formula is just what the doctor ordered for sore muscles. Pick one up in a travel size tube or a larger tub. A great stocking stuffer!

Your feet, the foundation of your foundations, do you know what Grounding or Rooting Down really means…

tiffany cruikshank - feet

So why does Plank® keep going on about the Mind-to-Body-to-Mat connection? The old adage of everything works better when your foundations are strong, is even more relevant if you want to consider the body as an architectural structure. The bones being building blocks that when they are correctly stacked, allow the muscles, organs and pipework to function optimally around it. 

I admit that when instructors share the following talking points, although great immediately applicable reminders, they offer little insight into the how to precisely and the why beneficially…

  • Ground down to grow.
  • Build your poses from the foundations.
  • Root down through your feet


However have you ever wondered what Grounding down or Rooting down actually means and why it helps in the creation of bigger, freer, bolder poses. For those yogis who are curious about what it takes to create firmer foundations, here are a few yoga classes and mini workshops that have been instrumental in allowing Plank to share with you, through its heat activated Connect™ yoga mats, the importance of learning that all your poses/asanas are built from the ground up, i.e. your feet… 

Tara Judelle, she’s an anatomy nerd, we love her mindblowing awarenesses –

Elena Brower, this is a legs class where the importance of the feet is stressed as essential for creating strong legs –

Tiffany Cruikshank, this is a nice 30 minute mini foot workshop with reminders on how to, why to and when to lift the arches of the feet-

At Plank, we're interested in what you connect to your mat to create solid arms and strong legs. We want to follow up with tips to create great arms foundations, for poses like Downward Dog, Handstand etc… We're particarly interested in the details of hand to mat connection. If you have foundation tips or your have made your own mini online workshop & you want to share with us and your yoga loving communities, we'd love to share them for you… 

*Photo above courtesy of Tiffany Cruikshank. Check out how her Alive and Active Feet are always connected to her yoga mat.