#PlankTip: Take your Yoga off the mat this summer!

Take your Yoga off the Mat!

Kirk lulu lunge

Take your yoga practice off the mat this Summer and try something new! It’s a great way to bond with friends and enjoy the warm summer temps and sunshine.

Here are our Top 4 Outdoor Yoga Practices of 2014:

1) Slackline yoga (or slackasana) has been described as “distilling the art of yogic concentration.” To balance on a 1″ piece of webbing lightly tensioned between two trees is not easy, and doing yoga poses on it is even more challenging. Yet despite the seemingly impossible nature of the act, it is achievable by almost anyone with a little bit of perseverance and patience. Check out our Ambassador, Kirk Lautensleger practicing his crescent lunge on a slackline. For more info and for great workshops coming your way, visit YogaSlackers.

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2) SUP (standup paddle board) Yoga is asana practiced on 10- to 12-foot-long boards in the most serene of settings: an ocean bay, a glassy lake, even a slow-moving river. In recent years, water-loving yogis have embraced SUP yoga as a practice that brings a sense of joyful freedom to an otherwise earth-bound yoga practice. For more, check out this great article on SUP Yoga from Yoga Journaland keep your eyes peeled for SUP yoga classes and workshops in your area, especially if you live close to the ocean, or local lakes and ponds.

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3) Horseback Yoga
“At first glance, yoga on horseback may seem like an unlikely merging of opposites. However, we see that the core principles of yoga – cultivating union, oneness, and wholeness – are the very qualities that make an equine-rider partnership great.” ~Jessie Tierney, RYT.

Horseback Yoga teaches you how to unite with your equine partner in a meaningful way, through calming your mind, conscious breathing, heightening awareness, and gently opening tight spaces in the body. Jessie (quoted above) teachesHorseback Yoga classes in WA but we’ve also heard of classes in Stowe, VT and in other farming communities. What an amazing practice!

SUP, Yo(ga)!


Have you tried the hottest new workout in town? Take your practice off the mat and cool down with some ‪#‎SUP‬ (Stand Up Paddleboard) ‪#‎YOGA‬ this August!

According to Boston.com, "SUP Yoga adds a new, exciting twist to an age-old practice." In this physical and mental style of yoga, "you are constantly engaging your core, along with smaller subsets of muscles throughout your body" in order to stabilize yourself. So you can still practice your Ridiculous Body Awareness™ even off your Plank Yoga Mat

For more visit >> http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/health/fitness/getmovingblog/2013/06/stand_up_paddle.html

Plank Tip: Cool Down with Legs Up the Wall Pose


We admit it, things can start to get a little too HOT in August, hence why we're offering up this COOLING posture, Legs Up the Wall, (Viparita Karani) as our ‪#‎Yoga‬ pose of the month!

‪#‎PLANKTIP‬: To get into this pose with ease, scoot one of your hipbones as close to the wall as possible, then lie down onto your back and simultaneously extend your legs up the wall. Connect your outer shoulders, connecting side ribs, middle back ribs, side waist and low back fully to your mat for optimal spinal alignment. Then, allow yourself to melt into your Plank Yoga Mat. Ahhh relaxation.

PLANK TIP of the Week: Take Your Practice Outdoors!


Feeling a little bored with your Yoga Practice this Summer? Take it into the great outdoors, like our Ambassador Bex Borucki, pictured above. It helps to change your perspecitive and what studio can beat the killer view of an ocean or stunning outdoor landscape?! 

Even better, lots of studios and yoga brands offer FREE outdoor classes in the summer time! In our hometown of Boston, there are a TON of free classes being offered by Lululemon, Friends of Fort Point Channel and even the Boston Harbor Island Alliance! Check out details for Beach Yoga on Spectacle Island (a Boston Harbor Island) HERE and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these kind of events in your area!

Where is your favorite spot to practice Yoga Outdoors in the Summer? 

Plank Tip of the Week: Top 4 Ways to Stick to your Practice this Summer

We at Plank believe that Yoga is an essential part of maintaining physical and mental strength and clarity. Don't let your practice slip just because the temperature is rising!

Here are 4 Helpful Plank Tips for Sticking to your Yoga Practice all Summer Long:

1) Take your Yoga Practice Outdoors – lots of studios and yoga brands offer FREE outdoor classes in the summer time, so keep your eyes peeled for those in your area! Check out our Ambassador, Elizabeth Rowan, below rocking her practice outdoors!

2) Utilize Online Classes – if your Summer Schedule is jam packed and you can't make it to your local studio, try out a yoga class online instead. Plank's Founder is a huge fan of YogaGlo.

3) Check for Summer Specials – many studios offer great summer deals, like 3 months of unlimited classes for a deeply discounted price!

4) Find a Yoga Buddy – taking classes with a buddy helps to motivate you and commit to showing up on your mat. Try it!

Elizabeth Rowan Headstand