This. Is. Plank.

Welcome! This blog has been a long time coming but in a very short period, we at Plank have rallied together to relaunch the most audaciously fabulous line of yoga products in the industry. A unique hybrid of fashion meets function, the Plank yoga brand combines cheeky Brit humor with a line of practical yet irresistibly stylish yoga mats and accessories designer to appeal to the devout yogi and everyone in between.

Each day, week and calendar month, Plank will share our rants, our thoughts, our events, sales, favorite instructors and all around “stuff” that is all about Plank and our community of fans, followers and incredible clientele.

Stay tuned, this is going to be GOOD.

A bit of info about the company ~

Plank products are the beautiful result of a rather frustrated fashion and design enthusiast, Doreen Hing, creator of “The Well Heeled Guru,” seeking balance with the aesthetic disconnect between the world of design and the traditional world of yoga… although attracted to the physical and mental benefits that yoga provides, our audacious creator wanted to prove that the principles of a yoga proactive weren’t confined to the walls of a classroom. Yoga first and foremost can be useful, fun, creative and achievable for those real people with busy lives ~ no matter their passion.

The grand result of that inquisitive quest for design function is our luxe lifestyle brand that embodies a mash up of differing yoga philosophies to form a unique, artistic and relevant perspective. In a sea of ordinary, ‘cookie cutter’ style products on the market, Plank is deliberate in it’s design to motivate our fans and customers to shift the idea of what a yoga mat is, as you’ll see and enjoy with our Signature Photo Mat Series; a collection of commissioned, art-quality images hand rendered onto eco-friendly, fully sustainable natural rubber. Plank’s yoga mats and accessories are created with the visual appeal that inspires and provokes new, fresh ideas about just what yoga is all about.

Inhale. Exhale. Enjoy.


The Mats.

Our premier, luxe yoga mats are without question (lofty to say but we hear it all the time) the best damn mats on the market. We don’t display them gallery style because we’re pretentious, but because they are really that GOOD. Now suffice it to say it would be absurd if we were to suggest you do that with your Plank mat, oh no, we want you to sweat, move, groove and flow beautifully every time you slap your mat on the class floor – these are irreverent styles to be LIVED and LOVED without feeling like you a cog in the wheel of traditional yogis (no offense, we really do respect all yogis – bawdy, conservative, granola, urbane… we just want you to embrace our broader perspective… yoga + design. It works.

Here’s a brief, cheeky description of each of our signature styles – more info and pricing on the Plank website. As always… Live it. Love it. Plank it.

She’s the One.

Here’s a bit about the creator and founder of Plank, Doreen Hing… you can also follow Doreen’s passion, initiative, projects and audacious writing on her own blog, “The Well Heeled Guru” and on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

An exerpt taken from Doreen’s own blog…”The Well-Heeled Guru is seen as the go-to person for getting people into yoga, however, this is not how she prefers to acknowledged. The Well-Heeled Guru’s mission is for people to Get Yoga, to really incorporate its health & mental benefits into every area of life and not solely, in the yoga studio. Originally poo-pooed by the hardcore yoga community, if you shift your perspective now, ask yourself, “Look who’s the Poser now…” but I digress again, who is The Well-Heeled Guru? C’est moi… Doreen Hing, Creative Brit, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur & a Very Ordinary Rebel…

So you see what we mean? This one has a lot going on. More to come from this intensely driven, wildly energetic and deeply convicted designer + entrepreneur extraordinaire.