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Dear Plankers,

With Thanksgiving just two days away, I’m reflecting on what I’m grateful for this year…

I’m grateful for being challenged and pushed past my comfort zone, even when I don’t want to be. I’m grateful for curiosity, which is what lead me to create a unique yoga mat that doesn’t work in the same way that other mats work.

Above all, I’m grateful for all the instructors, customers and Plank’s team members for sharing with me their ideas, discoveries and making me smile. Thanks to all of you who took the time to buy or test a Plank Yoga Mat this year, or engage with me, be it good, bad or ugly feedback. Yes, some comments can trigger me, but ultimately they inspire me to keep being curious.

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Wishing you and yours all the best this Holiday Season.

In gratitude,


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Why Plank isn’t interested in creating the grippiest yoga mat ever…

Plank’s Connect Yoga Mat are aimed at yoga practioners who are interested in taking their yoga practice to the next level. Bla, bla, bla… I know you’ve possibly heard me, as well as, some other yoga mat company say this before, so my practice is to, stop. However it is still a fact that it matters to me that Plank mat users know I really do care that each and everyone of you is able to find solidity, security, power and ease in poses when you use our mats. But how can this be if Plank mats aren’t super grippy.

When you practice on your tradionally grippy yoga mat or the first time you use a Plank Yoga Mat and you feel heavy in your shoulders or are collapsing onto your wrists, or if you were to practice without a mat you would slip, consider more than likely, it’s you who is the problem, not the mat and that there is more to learn to construct a pose for it feel effortless and light. Our customers do not want to rely on a grippy yoga mat that will hold them in poses even if the poses are poorly constructed. Our users are more interested in learning what occurs on a bio-mechanical level when the actions of specific body parts connects to a yoga mat and how the quality of this contact, has a dramatic impact on the correct formation of the body shapes created in a yoga practice.

Innovation in the yoga mat industry has been nominal, the traditional mindset is to create grippier and grippier yoga mats, however it is worth considering that any product that makes an activity easier without a system for self awareness or learning, has the potential to slow down the learning curve and could contribute to concerns of increased injuries.

With the expansion of yoga and yoga infused fitness and well being methodologies, some of the pose study/education is side stepped, as yogis want to push themselves, often cutting educational corners, to be able to do some of the more ‘challenging’ poses.

Plank Yoga Mats are designed with a controlled slip and grip curve ball, to be deliberately challenging.

Source: doreen

At Plank, we sell to those who are interested in body to mat contact quality to create solid poses…

At Plank…

  • We are asking the user to slow down, to check in and listen to the real conversation the body is having with the mind.
  • We sell to those who are interested in studying what it means to be present, to really hear what needs to occur physically, in the moment, at the body to mat intersection, to make a pose stronger, easier and more expansive.
  • We sell to those who care to learn and who are in awe and wonder about how little we know about the amazing machine of the human body and mind.
  • We sell to those who are curious & recognise that the study of our hands & feet when poses are constructed, is never ending and there is something new to learn every time, our hands & feet touch the yoga mat.
  • We sell to those who recognise that with a little machinery awareness & alignment, amazing things are possible…


Plank is the the only yoga mat company that openly wants users to slip, as we believe the person that does the learn the lesson from falling or slipping, is the one who has the capacity to grow their practice the most… and we do understand that sometimes you are skeptical or don’t want to learn any more or that you’ve found the mat that holds you securely in place and being stuck on a particular grippy mat (no brand names mentioned) that although limiting, is just perfectly fine for now.

We trust, being the open, always present and curious yogi that you are, you will come and find us, when you’re ready to take this on… If you need an additional nudge, we have a Father’s Day BOGO offer. We also love to hear from skeptics, so do be skeptical, we love skeptics, they are the favourite learners and advocates

PS… For the bloggers, if anyone knows how I can get rid of the repeated Title on the blog page opener or the ‘[empty]’ notation below, send me a note, that would be just dandy too…

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We know Dad deserves only the best…


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Plank dad


When Dad finally agreed to go to yoga class…

Source: doreen

When I asked my mum to come to yoga class, I thought Dad would use the time to do some work he always seems to have to do. So I was thrilled that my dad agreed to come too…

My parents live in Brunei. Where? Exactly, I respond.

Anyway, not sure if you’ve experienced this when you haven’t seen loved ones for a long time, especially parents, but many emotions come to mind & heart. Joy and gratitude of course, they travelled all the way from a country I admittedly don’t know where it is, to spend time with us and then some sadness too. What struck me first was to see how much they had shrunk in stature and as my mind recognised the reality of what that means, I couldn’t stop the tears. For children and adolescents, with periods of time of not seeing one another, strength and height is often first observed. This too was noticeable for my parents, however, this time, their seemingly diminishing height got to me and for me, it had to stop or at least slow down.

No more suggesting how beneficial yoga is for the nth time. It was time to be intentional and actually drag them to class, kicking, screaming and/or complaining, if necessary.

I explained to them how their everyday activities, like sitting or reactions to pain, can cause the body to contract, the bones & muscles to collapse and with a bit of awareness, we actually do have the ability to affect this & make small changes that can correct this seeming inevitability.

That being said, I could see a mixture of head nodding, ahas and glazed eyes, so I decided to use the Wine Analogy Tool. I can explain forever all the nuances, the whys and the flavours of one of my favorite Proscecco’s, and you may mentally bookmark it, to potentially buy some, however if I really want you to understand what I’m talking about, it is simply quicker and more effective to buy a bottle and make you try it with me. Here’s the link, just in case… 😉

So, I brought them to a yoga class which could show them the precise biomechanics I wanted them to bodily experience, a class that enables them to understand what occurs when they collapse their internal structure and then comparitively show them tools that can conversely correct these unknown body habits. Thus, I took them to Down Under Yoga‘s Iyengar Yoga class with Nadja Rafaie.

With no yoga gear, I was deliberate to set my parents up at the front of class with a curious mind, and yes, they did try to sneak off to the back of the room. My dad is a professor at Brunei University so I used the Education Card and reminded him that students who sit at the front of class and ask lots of questions are the best learners.

Nadja took us through a series of tools that would provide ease, strength and understanding through specific alignment instruction. In Iyengar Yoga we spend a lot of time in Downward Dog, as it is used as a ‘control/comparison pose,’ to review what was learnt when constructing a given pose. We then check in to see if the new body technology provided ease or made a difference to our control pose, Downward Dog. For beginners and even long time practioners, an extended hold in DD can feel unsafe due to the possibility of sliding, or feel heavy and weight bearing on the wrist, shoulders and neck, if not taught correctly. However, when I looked over to my parents mats, there they were, two little determined learners in their everyday clothes and upside down U’s, moving towards upside down V’s, working on their bodies, unaware of my concerns.  

Cautiously I asked, so what did you think?

Mum: Yeah it was good, I now get what you mean when you say I can lift my bones off my joints. Also I’ve tried to do Downward Dog before, but I can’t hold it for long due to my rheumatoid arthritis, however, today I was surprised that although it was work, I didn’t notice any pain in my wrists. Can we buy some of Nadja’s DVDs?

Dad: Oh wow, that is very good stuff. I can see it would be helpful for my golf.

To me, that was a euphoric ‘WOW, so Totally Awesome’… and I couldn’t be happier that they’re starting to get what I get every time I take some pose study time on my mat.

#PlankTip ~ If you’ve been trying to get someone who is important to you to try yoga and the answer has been, No or a glazed disinterest, instead of getting upset, frustrated and giving up. (Been there.) Choose to hear it as a, No, Not For Now or that I haven’t learnt yet how to make the benefits relevant… and, Ask Again…

If like me, you’re not OK to wait, (my parents were only in town for a few days), AND it really matters, try this other #PlankTip ~ Dragging with Care, works…

And of course, I’d love it, if along with getting your Dad (or mum) to a yoga class, you took advantage of our Buy One Get One free Father’s Day offer, however if after reading this, we get one more dad (or mum) to a yoga mat, preferably a Plank Yoga Mat (however any mat will do), then you would make their day and life and mine too.

-Doreen, Plank Founder


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